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Final Fantasy XI community
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Hey guys!
Welcome to the linkshell_ol community. I'm your mod, Arianell (Annie)
Here in the community you can post anything about FFXI such as
-Item Purchasing
-Static meeting
-People to avoid at all costs
-People you highly reccomend to be friends with
-How to play
-Questions about the game
And any other things you could think of.

Anyone is welcome to the community, and rules contain
-No bashing unless it's within good humor
-No question is a stupid question

Here's something you can fill out when you're joining too.
Name : (can be disclosed if you wish)
FFXI Screename :
Current Level :
How Long You've Been Playing :
Server :
Linkshells You Belong To :

Note : You can also join if you are
-Interested in getting the game
-Going to be getting the game
-Want to see what this is all about

Okay? Cool.
And if you need anything, leave a comment on my journal : reversedtale