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Well this is now my Spot to brag about my FF acomplishments

Ok well I've gotten pretty much everything i ever wanted to get in FFXI. A few days ago I got Ranger, Dragoon, Dark Knight, Paladin, and I got the San d'Orian Ring XD. Now Nell and I are working on getting our Ninja. However Im going to need help with that one...and the Samurai.

However Im having the hardest time keeping Lvl 30..i gotta get a really good buffre. >.< Plus ontop of that i have to go get my RSE cause every elvann I have seen always taunts me by having a peice of RSE. GAH I NEED MY ORDELLE KEYS!!!

But yea...the game is awsome, the people are awsome (except for a few >.>) Im progressing really well. Im also so high that Nell cant power-level me anymore XD

Ok well enough jibber-jabber out of me. I'll comment when i get other things.

Ps-I apologize if I am getting annoying about the RSE. I dont mean to...I just really want it lol. I'll be quiet about getting RSE and let everyone else get what they need first.
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