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Felt like joinning

Well I've just recently got the game but Im a total addict to the game. Especially since i can be an asshole to random people who dont know me...nah im just kidding. alot of the people are nice in the game (Except the guy Seipher...that f@gg0t) I also like how I've been moving up rather quickly and surprised a few people that I could do so well ^_^ so yeah if you want to know who i am read about the

-Name : Ballard (You can call me "B")
-FFXI Screename : Wolfreign
-Current Level : 11
-How Long You've Been Playing : 3days
-Server : Diabolos
-Linkshells You Belong To : The one I'm in that i forgot the name to cause i barely use it lol (The other n00bs bother me O=))

Yeah thats me =)
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