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my first post on the community :O /joy >_> well since i have not much to say, im gonna fill out nell's lil survey thingy o_O:
Name : Will
FFXI Screename : Rayfe Handle: FinalStrife44
Current Level : 43 Samurai | 47 Warrior | 21 Red Mage | 25 Thief | 17 Black Mage | 3 Dark Knight | 10 Dragoon | 12 Ninja | 5 Monk
How Long You've Been Playing : January 1st 2004.
Server : Diabolos
Linkshells You Belong To : Escape (I'm the leader), ACESxANDxEIGHTS, Wanderers, TheOrderOfSeraph, aZnNiKkAs, RenkeiWarlords, BastokRevolution

ok thats it for now >_> ill post some other time with planned events and info for Escape when I have time.
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